Пирсон Лонгман: семинар Р. Дина



Представительство британского издательства “Пирсон Лонгман” приглашает преподавателей английского языка на семинар, который состоится

10 июня 2011 г. (пятница) в 12:00 в помещении АППО (ул. Ломоносова, д.11):

Bringing the Real World into the Classroom – Exploiting DVD

Ведущий – Роб Дин (Великобритания).

Rob Dean

For many of us, language study involved learning from books, and nothing more. Of course, books still play an important role in language study, but modern methodology is placing increasing emphasis on modes of study more closely linked with the activities familiar to us in everyday life – activities such as surfing the web, communicating online – and watching and discussing television and DVDs. This session will look at some practical ways of using DVD clips in the classroom for a variety of purposes, and aims to equip teachers with some activities and approaches that can be applied to any DVD material.

Photo: Rob Dean in Novosibirsk

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