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Уважаемые преподаватели! 11 апреля 2011 г. состоится семинар с участием автора популярного учебного курса Focus on IELTS  Сью О’Коннел и ведущего методиста издательства Пирсон Лонгман Джуди Копаж.

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Sue O'ConnellIELTS and BEYOND: paving the way for academic study


For some students, IELTS is simply a hurdle to be crossed in the least possible time. This is a pity because IELTS training offers an important window on a wider academic world and a valuable opportunity to begin to think and study in a whole new way. In this workshop we will look at ways of helping students develop the necessary skills not only for IELTS but also for a successful transition to academic study.



Sue O’Connell has a degree in English language and literature from the University of Bristol and an MA in Anglo Irish Studies from University College, Dublin. She has worked as a teacher and teacher trainer both in the UK and overseas. She was a Cambridge examiner and item writer for many years, and has also taught and examined candidates for the IELTS test. Sue is the author of the Pearson Focus series, which includes Focus on IELTS Foundation and the best-selling Focus on IELTS new edition.


Judy Copage

LEARNING to SPEAK, SPEAKING to LEARN: how to help students’ speaking skills to be both accurate and fluent

This talk addresses the topic of developing speaking skills. Students may often be reluctant to speak, and we will discuss how we can use our coursebooks to build the necessary confidence and skills. We examine what authentic speech looks like and how to develop both fluency and accuracy. The talk will be illustrated by the adult series Language Leader.


Judy Copage has been involved in EFL teaching and teacher training since 1977. For the past 16 years she has also been an author of FCE Writing and FCE Use of English, Get on Track, Wonderland Teacher’s book, The Wonderkids, Upbeat. At present, she is International Teacher Trainer for Pearson Education after spending the last 10 years working as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton in the UK, as a lecturer in Linguistics and TESOL (ELT teacher training) courses.